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About Me

It all started when…

I started my career in audio in my 1st year of College Studying Audio Engineering and Music Production. Focusing mainly on Electronic Music and Recording Techniques, I was fascinated by syncing my music to picture, and later got my 1st composing job working on the award-winning film Late Harvest. After graduating college, I was incredibly fortunate in getting my 1st Feature Film and was hired on as “The Audio Guy” getting credits in the film for Composer, Sound Designer, Foley Artist, AMB Mixer, ADR Recordist, and Mixer.

After graduating I got projects working with companies such as the History Channel, Sun-Rype, Toyota, Minds Eye, Allegiance VFX Studios, and even got to do sound design for a theme park ride (still to this date one of my favorite projects). For many years this was my way of life, but my interest in the interactive and rock solid production of individual sounds, as well as the sound composition of all kinds of media, kept growing inside me.

Over time, as I gained experience, I started working on more elaborate creations, grabbing every possible job I felt would help me dive deeper and learn. Field recording, recording for TV and film, audio post-production for short films, video games, theme park rides, providing soundscapes for haunted corn mazes… Basically, any kind of interactive art and media project that was available and seemed interesting.